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IMPORTANT: The table below lists data sheets for our most popular interface solutions. If you don't see the product data sheet you are looking for in this table, click here for additional products.
ACX AC Current Isolator and Transmitter (2-Wire) 123K
ALARMS Technical Bulletin-Alarm Trips: The Ups and Downs 685K
ATEX ATEX II 2GD EEx d IIC T6 Flame-Proof (Explosion-Proof) Certified Temperature Transmitter and Sensor Assemblies 522K
BH Field-Mount Enclosure for Hockey-Puck Instruments 1.3M
BIMETAL Dual-Mode Remote Thermometer 134K
BULLET The BULLET® WirelessHART® Adapter for use with Wired HART Devices 863K
CAN WORMS Economical 10-Pack of WORM Flexible Sensors 274K
CCS Cable Concentrator System 361K
CONFLICT MATERIALS Statement on Conflict Materials—Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: HR 4173 Section 1502 15K
CPA PC-Programmable Alarm (4-Wire) 630K
CPMS Cathodic Protection Monitoring System 498K
CPT PC-Programmable Signal Isolator/Converter and Temperature Transmitter (4-Wire) 356K
D-BOX Field-Mount Enclosure 1.5M
DDA Current and Voltage Alarm (4-Wire) 146K
DPS DIN-Rail Mount Power Suplies 90K
ECA-DIN Current and Voltage Alarm in Metal DIN-Style Housing (4-Wire) 101K
ECT-DIN Signal Isolators, Converters, Repeaters, and Splitters in Metal DIN-style Housings (2-Wire, 4-Wire) 228K
ECS Economy Power Supplies 50K
EPX2 Explosion-Proof Voltage-to-Pressure Transmitter 87K
FCT Field Configurable Signal Isolator and Converter (4-Wire) 81K
FDY PC-Programmable Frequency-to-DC Converter (2-Wire) 339K
FIELDBUS Technical Bulletin - Introduction to Fieldbus 503K
FILTERS Instrument Air Filters for I/P Converters 1.0M
HCS HART® Concentrator Sytstem HART-to-MODBUS RTU Converter (4-Wire) 942K
HIM Smart HART® Loop Interface and Monitor 308K
HIT and HIX HART® Isolators (2-Wire, 4-Wire) 680K
HITECH Temperature Transmitters for Hi-Tech Facility & Process Control 1.0M
HTZ Smart HART® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter 520K
I-BOX Surface-Mount Instrument Enclosure 165K
INTERFACE Overview - Interface Solution Line Card 3.7M
IPF Field-Mount Current-to-Pressure Transmitter 102K
IPH Field-Mount Current-to-Pressure Transmitter 375K
IPH2 and IPX2 NEMA 4X & Explosion-Proof I/P Transmitters (2-Wire) 537K
IPT DIN-Style Current-to-Pressure Transmitter 186K
IPT2 High-Performance Current-to-Pressure Transmitter (2-Wire) 343K
IPX Explosion-Proof Current-to-Pressure Transmitter 120K
IPX2 Explosion-Proof Current-to-Pressure Transmitter 537K
LH Enclosure for Head-Mount Instruments 191K
LRX Low-Power Temperature Transmitter 262K
MDS I/O EQUATION STATION Multifunction I/O System (4-Wire) 362K
MIX and MIT Multi-Channel Signal Isolators and Converters (2-Wire, 4-Wire) 640K
MNCS microNCS® MODBUS RTU Master and Distributed I/O System 687K
MOOREHAWKE Overview - Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies 860K
NCS NCS NET Concentrator System® Process Control and Distributed I/O 685K
PAC and PAV AC Current and Voltage Transducers 70K
PIH Field-Mount Pressure-to-Current Transmitter (2-Wire) 308K
PIT, PIF, PIX Pressure-to-Current Transmitters (2-Wire, 4-Wire) 669K
PNEU Technical Bulletin-Approved I/P Transmitter Prevents Dangerous Conditions in Hazardous Natural Gas Applications 432K
POWER PLANT OVERVIEW—Automation and Instrumentation Solutions for Power Plant Applications 1.2M
POWER Instrument Power Supplies 83K
PSD PC-Programmable, 4-20mA Loop Display (2-Wire) 174K
PVT, PWT, PWV AC Power Transducers 175K
R-BOX Field-Mount Enclosure for DIN-Style, Rail-Mount Instruments 99K
REACH Notes in Regard to REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2008 21K
RIY Site-Programmable RTD Transmitter (2-Wire) 596K
RM100 MooreHawke ROUTE-MASTER™ Fieldbus System (with Fieldbus Power Supply) 707K
RM100S MooreHawke ROUTE-MASTER™ Fieldbus Device Coupler (without Fieldbus Power Supply) 327K
RM110 MooreHawke ROUTE-MASTER™ Fieldbus System PowerTray 281K
RoHS_WEEE Notes in Regard to European Environmental Protection Directives 2002/9/EC and 2002/96/EC 26K
RTI-1 Ready-to-Install TRY, TRX, and THZ Temperature Transmitter Assemblies 1.7M
RTI-2 Ready-to-Install TDY, TDZ, THZ, RIY and TIY Temperature Transmitter Assemblies 1.4M
RTI-3 Ready-to-Install Temperature Assemblies for Surface Measurements 1.5M
SAFETY Safety Instrumented Systems: The "Logic" of Single Loop Logic Solvers 426K
SB Stainless Steel Enclosure for Hockey-Puck Instruments 230K
SB Series MooreHawke SPURBARRIER™ Fieldbus Device Couplers for Intrinsically-Safe Devices (Ex e/Ex i) 334K
SCX Signal Isolator and Converter (2-Wire) 159K
SDY PC-Programmable Isolator/Converter with Display (2-Wire) 296K
SEISMIC CLIPS DIN-Rail Locks and Endstops for DIN-Mount Instruments 1.0M
SIGNAL CONDITIONERS Technical Bulletin: Signal Isolators, Converters and Interfaces: The "Ins" and "Outs" 1.1M
SIR 5-, 10-, 15-Position Surface-Mounted IPT-DIN Rack 270K
SIX Signal Isolator and Converter (2-Wire) 255K
SIY PC-Programmable Signal Isolator/Converter (2-Wire) 397K
SMP Surface-Mount Power Supply 578K
SPA2 Site- and PC- Programmable Alarm (4-Wire) 394K
SPA Site-Programmable Alarm (4-Wire) 1.2M
SPD Programmable Field-Mount Loop Display, NEMA 4X, IP66 (2-Wire) 341K
SPT Site-Programmable Temperature Transmitter (4-Wire) 902K
STA SIL 2 and SIL 3 Capable Programmable Current/Voltage and RTD/Thermocouple Safety Trip Alarms (4-Wire) 1.6M
SURGE Superior Surge Suppressors for 2- and 4-Wire Instruments 2.4M
TCS Temperature Concentrator System™ Multi-Channel Transmitter 623K
TDY PC-Programmable Temp Transmitter with Display (2-Wire) 539K
TEMP Technical Bulletin-Why Use Temperature Transmitters Instead of Direct Wiring? 1.1M
TEMP SOLUTIONS Overview - Temperature Solutions Line Card 1.7M
TFZ Programmable FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ Temperature Transmitter 586K
TG200 MooreHawke TRUNKGUARD® Series 200 Fieldbus Device Coupler 650K
TG300 MooreHawke TRUNKGUARD® Series 300 Fieldbus Device Coupler 424K
THZ2 and TDZ2 Smart HART® Temperature and Signal Transmitters With and Without Display (2-Wire) 1.1M
THZ and TDZ Smart HART® Temperature Transmitters With and Without Displays (2-Wire) 1.5M
TIY Site-Programmable Thermocouple Transmitter (2-Wire) 367K
TMZ PC-Programmable MODBUS Temperature and Signal Transmitter 308K
TPS400 TRUNKGUARD® Fieldbus Power Supply 1.1M
TPZ Programmable PROFIBUS PA Temperature Transmitter 493K
TRY and TRX PC-Programmable Temperature Transmitters (2-Wire) 901K
TS SERIES MooreHawke TRUNKSAFE® Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System 1.3M
T2X TEMPTATION 2000 Non-Isolated RTD Transmitter (2-Wire) 605K
T2X-DWB Wall-Mount Room Air Temperature Monitoring System 180K
USB USB Communication Cable for Moore Industries' PC-Programmable 535K
WELLHEAD Overview - Automation Solutions for Oil and Natural Gas Well Head Applications 1.0M
WNM Wireless Network Module 292K
The WORM Flexible RTD and Thermocouple Sensors for Thermowell Temperature Assemblies 2.1M
330R 1/8 DIN Process Monitor and Indicator 181K
531 1/4 DIN PLC, DCS, PC Control Backup Station 157K
532 1/4 DIN Auto/Manual Backup Station 174K
535 1/4 DIN Single Loop PID Process Controller 498K
545 1/4 DIN Dual Loop PID Controller 514K
555 1/4 DIN Chlorination/Dechlorination Controller 279K