CJ1M Series

CJ1M programmable controller is a small, flexible, modular & high-speed PLC. Suitable for the occasion requires precise machine control. Of its non-floor structure can be effectively installed in the control cabinet, reliable & efficient controlling the efficiency of the machine can play in the extreme to, maximize investment returns.



The CJ2 is the result of years of experience as market leader in the field of modular controllers and represents a logical next step in controller design. It offers greater performance and faster I/O response as well as extreme scalability - so you will only need one family. In addition, programming, debugging and networking are faster and easier.


CP1L Series

Easy positioning transducer unique functional coverage of small-scale machine control needs of the largest 160-point I / O scalability maximum program capacity of 10k steps, the maximum data capacity of 32k words pulse output 100kHz × 2-axis, high-speed


CPM2AH Series

CPM2AH Programmable Logic Controller High-speed counter can easily measure high speed processing of parts.Enhanced scalability, the largest to 12ch of analog.Bring high-speed scanning and high-speed interrupt the high-speed processing. Can be easily programmable procedure with OMRON terminal (PT) connected to the machine operator to provide a visual interface.


Omron HMI

Omron HMI-Along with the development of information technology manufacturing site, the operator panel or display requirements are also continuing toward the advancement and diversification of direction. Omron completely verified, including design, development, manufacturing site, including the operation and display needs. Moreover, systematic, design efficiency, operational, maintenance, etc. has also done a detailed analysis of the system as a means of import, maintenance, management, and to contribute to the reduction of the TCO. Continued to strengthen from a users point of view function programmable terminal - this is the NT series.

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CMP1A Series

SYSMAC CPM1A-V1 series for small devices, the small points of distribution box space-saving economy, micro-PLC standard models, minicomputer, encompassing a CPU for the AC power supply, DC power supply, relay output, transistor output 4 kinds of different models. Power supply, the output I / O points, etc. choose to use as needed.

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CMP2A Series

CPM1A CPM2A PLC--Best price from DEAO Electric.High-speed counter can easily measure high speed processing of parts.Sync pulse control to facilitate adjustment of the pulse ratio.With high-speed scanning and high-speed, high-speed interrupt processing.

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Industrial Encoder

OMRON Industrial Encoder Absolute Encoders Incremental-oriented industries Industrial

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