Our Services:


Why purchase new and expensive replacement controls every time the original unit fails when it can typically be repaired for a fraction of its replacement value?

Products we repair:

We specialize in

1. Repairing of Mini-load, Accuload-I, II & III (Power Supplies, Memory Boards etc)
2. Repairing of Electronic boards of Fuel dispensers (Wayne)
3. Repairing & Testing of all types of PLC Modules
4. All types of single and multiple layers circuit boards
5. Repairing of AVR, analog/Digital speed controllers, Governors, protection relays.
6. Smart screens.
7. AC inverters.
8. AC and DC drives.
9. Power supplies.
10. Counters and timers.
11. Temperature controllers.
12. Controls and Instrumentation of Power engines.
13. Electronic ignition system for generator, power engines.
14. System design & logic control programming.
15. Reverse engineering.
16. PLC based system design and programming

We have a professional team of Engineer and Technicians well versed to perform component level maintenance. Currently we are providing our services to many National and Multinational companies. We also offer a limited warranty on all our repairs.

Special applications:

Matrix Automation has in-depth technological powers in the fields of Micro Electronics, Instrumentation and Control engineering. We have carefully assembled the technological assets and achieved the balance needed for success. We are actively funneling our energies towards the cutting edge of technology. Through our Moore Industries, USA interface products we have diversified solutions to your problems. Our interface devices can be designed for a specific requirement that suits your application.

Matrix Automation consists of a group of dedicated engineers who excel in Design and Development of Electronic systems.

We are fully equipped with the latest development systems and test equipment. All the specialized tools required for the development and maintenance of sophisticated electronic equipment are available in the labs.

We foresee further movement activities including agreements for technology development as well as joint venture-The end result will be the capability to respond quickly and precisely to our customers.