Schneider Inverters

ALL the Schneider ATV Inverters and Soft Start we sold, 100% brand new! Coming with original packing!Contact us ow for special price!Drives for simple machines 0.18 > 2.2 kW Altivar 21 Drives for simple machines 0.18 > 15kW Altivar 31 Drives for pumps and fans 0,75 > 630 kW Altivar 61 Drives for complex,high power machines 0,37 > 500 kW Altivar 71 Schneider Soft Starters ATV48...


Modicon Premium

More flexibility and openness... Premium offers unrivalled performance, reducing cycle times and avoiding any need for optimization, thanks to the integration of more diagnostics and production data, freedom of communication and access to generic programming.


Modicon Quantum

Quantum has new entry level high-performance processors which are perfectly suited to complex processes. The power of Quantum processors results in optimum cycle times while integrating ever more communication functions, diagnostics, memory flexibility and data storage so as to offer you increasing flexibility and openness.


Micro 340

Extremely compact-shaped, the new PLC Modicon M340 brings in a small box the flexibility and services of a High End PLC. In the heart of your application, it will give you integrated Plug&Work solutions with other Telemecanique devices. At your desk, the great capacity of the Unity offer will ease and shorten your programming time. Modicon M340 is really the smallest giant.